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The Integrated Law Program

LEX seeks to accompany student-lawyers all the way from the beginning to the end of their legal careers.

Beginning with free, pre-law informational forums, LEX first introduces college students to the basics of the law school experience. We then prepare them for maximum performance on the LSAT through LEX LSAT tutoring and assist with the law school admissions process through law school admissions consulting.

Once our students have been accepted to law school, LEX provides a preview of the first year of law school through our LSAPP® Law School Bootcamp. LEX also provides one-to-one law school tutoring during that crucial first year so that students can perform at their best on first-year exams.

As law school draws to a close, LEX provides full preparation services for students preparing to take the MPRE and bar exam through our BarRev™ bar exam review tutoring.

Finally, as a student enters the legal profession, LEX will soon be providing Continuing Legal Education classes so that the our student-lawyer members never have to worry about getting these required courses finished on time.

Through these steps, the LEX Integrated Law Program™ seeks to provide years of devoted assistance—college to law school to law practice. While others help with but a single step, LEX serves as your trusted, lifelong partner throughout your entire journey in law. As our motto indicates, LEX is indeed “Your Law Partner for Life.”™

About LEX

LEX academic director Shelton Harrison (J.D., University of Virginia; B.A., Stanford), former managing editor of the Virginia Law Review, has prepared hundreds of students for standardized tests. In addition to tutoring for BarRev California bar review, he has been trained as a teacher by all three of the top three national LSAT preparation companies, TestMasters, Kaplan, and Princeton Review, including TestMasters LSAT and GRE courses at UCLA and USC. Harrison also has a strong personal track record as a test-taker: perfect scores on LSAT and Math II; 99th %-ile scores on GRE, SAT, ACT; and a pass on CA bar exam. (J.D., Virginia; B.A., Stanford) began his teaching career at Fairmeadow Elementary School working with learning-disabled students in the Jackson Hearing Center.

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